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Linear Actuators

Linear Actuators

Grob linear actuators use powerful coaxial motors to achieve the required stroke force, using a minimum amount of space. A wide range of options enables them to be individually adapted for almost any application.

MINI Electric Motor Driven Linear Actuators

The MINI range of electric motor-driven linear actuators consists of 5 basic sizes with body diameters ranging from 60 to 140 mm. A choice of 3 phase, single phase AC or 24 V DC drive motors are available. The actuators, except for size Mini 3, are completely manufactured in stainless steel. A large number of additional features, such as IP65 rating, ATEX 95 explosion proof, brake and encoder, are available. Stroke lengths range from 100 to 800 mm, with stroke speeds of between 0.5 to 181 mm/s and a stroke force of up to 26,000 N. Customised stroke lengths available on request.

LiMax Electric Motor Driven Linear Actuators

The modular LiMax design uses an in-line layout of electric motor, planetary gearbox and lead or ball screw to achieve a high force rating versus the diameter of its body. The integrated stroke limit switches are fully adjustable to allow on-site adjustment to suit the application. The all stainless steel body, piston & end fittings, coupled with its IP65 water jet rating enables the LiMax range to be used in exposed locations and corrosive environments. Available in two basic body size diameters of 60 mm and 80 mm, with stroke lengths from 200 to 800 mm (customisation on request), the units can deliver up to 5,000 N stroke force with stroke speeds ranging from 3 to 360 mm/s.