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LinearChain Push-Pull Actuation Devices

The LinearChain is able to move loads both horizontally and vertically. Made of specially formed links, whose geometry prevents the chain from buckling under load, the LinearChain works like a conventional linear actuator.

The LinearChain push-pull chains are made from precision chain links which enables the chain to push as well as pull heavy loads. The chain links have a special profile with interlocking fingers at one end which enables the chain to roll or fold-up for efficient storage in one direction and form a rigid thrust device in the other direction. The LinearChain is available in three basic sizes allowing stroke lengths in excess of 5 meters and a maximum push force of up to 35,000 N. Compact drive units for the chain and storage magazines are readily available for all chain sizes.

Find a range of CAD models here, to find which LinearChain will suit your desired application.