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Linear Technology

Ball Bushings, Bearing Housings, Shafts, Supports & Blocks & Linear Guideways

The Rodriguez Linear Technology range of products includes ball bushings and aluminium housings, hardened precision shafts, shaft supports, ball screws and linear guideways. Available from UK & German stock, parts can be modified to suit all applications.

Ball Bushings

  • A comprehensive range where the choice of bearing is determined by factors including: speed, loads, environment, and type of assembly build.
  • Fixed or self-aligning + standard steel or stainless steel + open or closed + heavy duty + ceramic + with or without seals + plastic or steel ball cages are a few examples of the scope of the Rodriguez linear range of ball bushings.
  • Sizes range from 5mm to 100mm diameter.

Bearing Housings

  • The range of housings falls into two principle types: machined aluminium and cast alloy or iron.
  • The machined housing facilitates the assembly and mounting of other elements and is available in single, double or four bearing units.
  • The cast housing is used for single bearing assemblies, either open or closed and with radial adjustment.

Shafts, Shaft Supports & Shaft Blocks

  • Shafts are hardened and ground and available from 5mm to 100mm in diameter.
  • Induction hardened steel + hard chrome + rust resistant and stainless-steel shafting is available with fixing holes and ends machines, as required.
  • Lengths up to 7800mm available.
  • Shaft supports and blocks determine the position of the guide shafts.
  • Flat + low profile alloy + low profile steel + medium height alloy + medium height alloy extrusion and full height are the types of shaft support available, all with fixing hole options.
  • Standard lengths for machined supports are 600mm and 6000mm for extruded supports.
  • Shaft blocks are available for single or twin shaft assemblies.

Complete Assemblies

R. A. Rodriguez supplies complete assemblies, fully designed for specific applications, comprising all the elements detailed above and any special purpose trolley or mounting plates.

Linear Guideways

  • A four row ball system provides a high load rated linear guideway.
  • The two point ball contact characteristics of the circular arch raceways ensure very low friction.
  • The guideway options are either the international or compact version, with a long or short trolley, and with or without flanges.
  • Precision classes and preload options are available.
  • Guide rail up to 4000mm in length.