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Companies who need to transport bulk materials, packages or objects will often use conveyors to aid them in getting their consignment from A to B. Companies that construct conveyor systems will need to ensure that their system and its design will allow for the continual conveying of materials from one location to another. It is therefore essential therefore, for them to have the correct conveyor components and to ensure they are maintained for maximum efficiency.

Conveyor components will consist of anything from the pulleys and idlers, to the rubber belts, and even the smaller components that will assist the running of the larger device. Bearings are integral when looking at conveyor components. They are the smaller, self-contained parts that will operate within the larger entity.

R.A. Rodriguez, a representative for manufacturers of conveyor components, is very popular throughout Europe and the USA. With over 35 years experience serving in the UK alone, their UK office based in Letchworth prides itself on its stock and technical expertise of conveyor components. R.A. Rodriguez supply quality conveyor components for use in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industry. Their plastic bearing housing is a popular conveyor component due to its non-corrodible qualities. As pioneers of this product, R.A. Rodriguez Ltd. are the market leaders in this discipline.

The conveyor components are extremely useful for industrial use as they are tough, shock resistant, not easily prone to being worn away, as well as being resistant to many alkaline, salt solutions and even low PH acid solutions. These plastic conveyor components, unlike metal conveyor components, are extremely easy to clean and maintain. Conveyor components of this nature are particularly useful as they don’t encourage the growth of micro-organisms which in effect will prolong the use of the conveyor component itself. The plastic bearing housing is also available in stainless steel, a metal noted for its light weight quality and durability.

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