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A bearing is generally used to allow controlled relative motion between two parts. This will usually be in a linear or rotary movement. Different bearing types will allow for different movements, and so the classifications will be vast. A turntable will provide the framework that will transit the load to the bearings.

Turntable bearings can accommodate axial, radial and moment loads. R.A. Rodriguez Ltd is one of the leading companies providing bearing and precision components to the UK, Scandinavian and Irish market. Derived from USA based R.A. Rodriguez Inc., which was established in 1929, the off-shore business now acts as a representative for leading manufacturers that supply to this field.

Unlike linear bearings which are housed or mounted on a shaft, turntable bearings are mounted directly to a seating surface. There are several different types of turntable bearings. Standard turntable bearings feature a single row of ball bearings, a standard bearing raceway, and four points of contact between the balls and the raceway. Double row turntable bearings will effectively double those figures of standard turntable bearings, and triple row turntable bearings are also available.

R.A. Rodriguez offers lightweight turntable bearings in a range of varying diameters. These can be geared or ungeared, depending on the use of the turntable bearing. R.A. Rodriguez also offers a service where if a customer requires a turntable bearing for a design or configuration not shown, will create a custom bearing design for them. All of the turntable bearings are manufactured in stainless steel, a material known for its lightweight and durable qualities.

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