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Welcome to R.A Rodriguez. Originally we were an American based company but we now have offices and warehouses based in Letchworth 40 miles north of London. As the British arm of this international company, we have supplied worm gears for 35 years.

Worm gears are used to reduce speed when large gear reductions are needed. They are also different to any other gear due to the fact that the gear can’t turn the worm yet the worm can turn the gear. With worm gears, the friction between the worm and the gear holds the worm in the right place and this feature is ideal for industrial machines such as conveyor systems.

Here at R.A Rodriguez, we supply a complete range of worm gears. A few of the features include:

• Offering the quietest and smoothest form of gearing
• Efficiency is increased by ratios being lowered
• Providing a high ratio speed reduction for minimal spacing

Providing good customer service is our number one priority when supplying worm gears and all of our products. Our level of service and price range have all yet to be beaten by other worm gear suppliers. We know that how your gearbox works depends on the quality of your worm gear and purchasing a worm gear from us will be of great benefit.

When dealing with your enquiry, we ensure you are dealt with efficiently and professionally and we will meet any requirements regarding any of our worm gear range. For further information regarding our worm gear range please feel free to contact us.

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