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Large diameter Slewing rings for heavy duty industrial machinery


R.A. Rodriguez (U.K.) Ltd is supplying large turntable bearings and steel spur gears for use in a new generation of slitter-rewinder machines being built by Atlas Converting Equipment Ltd. Machines of this type are used for the processing of products such as flexible packaging materials, film and laminates. The quality and lead-time of the turntable bearings and spur gears, alongside selection advice provided by R.A. Rodriguez (U.K.) Ltd, led to the initial purchase decision.

Since its establishment in 1976 as one of the converting industry’s pioneers, Atlas Converting Equipment Ltd has grown to become a world-leading supplier and provider of solutions in slitting and rewinding technology, as well as finished roll-handling systems. The company’s Atlas and Titan brands are recognised around the globe, with over 4,000 installations of primary and secondary slitter-rewinders in over 80 countries.

Increasing demand for thinner BoPET (biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate) films and clear barrier coatings, as well as a trend towards sustainable biodegradable and compostable products, means there are new challenges emerging for convertor shops worldwide. Developing into new markets with extensive research and development, the latest technology from Atlas Converting enables complex products to be processed in their optimum condition, ensuring good quality rewind reels, maximised production and minimised waste. A further market demand is seeing more and more converter shops seeking out compact solutions.

“We are world known as producing well engineered, quality slitter-rewinders, but we have chosen to introduce an entry-level version of our well tested dual turret machine to better serve customers working with certain budget constraints,” explains Andrew Wood, Marketing & Communications Manager at Atlas Converting. “As a result, we set about developing our brand new Titan ER610-DT.

From three years in research and development, and multi-million-pound investment in new parts design and processes, this new Compact Dual Turret Slitter Rewinder demonstrates unparalleled build standards with solid and dependable engineering from the outset. The ER610-DT project ensured unequalled combinations of operator safety, yet huge productivity improvements and reduced machine download times.

To arrive at the solution, Atlas Converting called upon the full support of its supply chain. As a customer of R.A. Rodriguez (U.K.) Ltd for the past 21 years, the company had no hesitation when it came to enquiring about a turntable bearing and spur gear for the Titan ER610-DT.

R.A. Rodriguez (U.K.) Ltd is highly experienced in supplying turntable bearings for demanding applications. Assistance in selecting the bearing and pinion gave Atlas Converting the necessary confidence and trust for this important project.

“They wanted a solution that was capable of turning quite a large load, but without any compromise in accuracy,” states Dave Young, Bearings Product Manager at R.A. Rodriguez (U.K.) Ltd.

A KDM medium-series four-point-contact bearing was recommended as it is robust and proven in the toughest applications. KDM turntable bearings allow for a compact design with a significantly higher load performance rating, as axial and radial loads – and tilting moments – can be absorbed.

For the Titan ER610-DT, a 644mm diameter bearing was specified with standard clearance (diameters from less than 100 to higher than 6,000mm can be supplied).

Featuring hardened raceways, the bearings can be supplied un-geared or with gear teeth as an integral part of either the inner or outer ring. For Atlas Converting, an external steel KHK spur gear was delivered featuring an involute tooth shape. Involute tooth forms are advantageous due to their ability to absorb small centre distance errors, while the thick roots of the teeth add strength.

The Rodriguez turntable bearing and spur gear form part of the ER610-DT’s dual-turret winding module. In essence, the machine has four rewind shafts for high productivity, with each turret containing two rewind shafts. The turrets are of cantilevered design, eliminating the need for centre cross shafts. Winding takes place on two rewind shafts, while the other two shafts can be loaded with cores, enabling a fast changeover on completion of winding.

Although the machine has only recently been launched, sales volumes are expected to ramp up. Indeed, Atlas Converting has already re-ordered for the next phase of build.

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