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TGB Slew Drive. What bearings are used in aircraft wheels trailer rings trailerrings


R. A. Rodriguez (UK) Ltd already has considerable expertise in the supply and application of slewing rings and turntable bearings and a new partnership is set to widen the company’s scope in the field.

Now, R. A. Rodriguez has been appointed as the sole distributor in the UK for TGB Group, an international company renowned for its patented rotational systems for a range of market sectors.

Although R. A. Rodriguez will supply TGB slewing rings, its main focus will be on TGB slewing drives, compact rotational units designed to withstand high loads, often in critical environmental conditions. The rotating modules can support axial, radial and moment loads, are completely sealed and available as single or double axis systems.

TGB slewing drives can work horizontally or vertically and are self-locking, eliminating the need for expensive external braking systems. They are also equipped with motorised flanges on both sides that allow easy and flexible installation of the hydraulic or electric motor.

A typical example from the range is the BE Series, a high precision drive with low backlash for industrial applications, that is fully enclosed to IP65. With globoid slewing ring teeth and straight screw worm, the drive provides exceptional smooth rotational movement. A lighter weight version of this model, with an aluminium housing, is also available.

A variety of other models for different applications are also available from R. A. Rodriguez, all of which can be adapted to the customer’s specific needs. Broadly, these products will benefit designers of lifting platforms and elevators, solar movement systems, wind turbines, agricultural equipment and cranes and platforms for the marine environment.

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