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Ball Screws

Ballscrews provide a highly efficient means of converting rotary motion to linear motion and vice versa.  The ball screw works by using the balls as rolling elements and requires only around a third of the usual driving torque, thus saving drive motor power.

The Acme screw uses sliding surfaces to transmit a load. It has a low number of threads per inch and so can allow increased linear actuation per turn of screw. The Acme thread standard is ideal for interchangeability.  Both the ball screw and the Acme screw are well suited for regular motion, unlike other screws.

R.A. Rodriguez (UK) Limited offers threaded spindles for both ball screws and Acme screws, in both metric and imperial measurements and to suit all major industry standards. Our ball screws and Acme screws represent an excellent solution in terms of precision, load capacity and efficiency, and are widely used to produce a linear motion, lift or clamp operation which is essential for many applications including the following:

• Medical equipment
• Packaging machines
• Textile machines
• Woodworking and plastic processing
• Worm drives

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