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Custom & Modified Gears

UK Specialists of Custom and Modified Gears

R.A. Rodriguez (UK) Limited is the sole UK distributor for leading manufacturers of Custom & Modified Gears, notably Framo Morat and KHK

  • Framo Morat has been a leader for many decades in the design and manufacture of custom gears for high precision applications
  • KHK is a leading manufacturer of stock gears that can also be customised and modified to suit individual requirements

Our Custom & Modified Gears manufacturers have a wealth of experience in providing the highest quality custom gears tailor-made for your business.

  • Bespoke gears can be manufactured from a range of materials to suit the customers’ requirements including steel, aluminium, various non-ferrous metals and plastics
  • Our range includes custom worm & wheels, rotor shafts, internal & external gears and pinions
  • We also supply rotor shafts, gears with internal and external teeth and chain sprockets, all of which can be customised
  • Our custom and modified gears offer unrivalled workmanship at competitive prices to companies working across many industries

Contact us now to find out how we can provide custom gears manufactured according to your specific technical requirements.

Custom & Modified Gears from KHK and Framo Morat. We are gear suppliers UK. See our gear catalogue for gear train, khk gears and stock spur gears. Learn through our gear catalogue how are gears classified?