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Planetary Gearboxes

Framo Morat Planetary Gearboxes

Framo Morat have decades of experience in designing drives and complete drive systems to reliably provide the right solution to any application, no matter how specialised it is.

The G-series includes the high-end gearbox lines GSD (flange gear), GSB (inline) and GSBL (angle gear) as well as the high-end economy lines GSN and GFE.

Custom engineered drive solutions can be tailored to your individual specifications.

High End Planetary Gearboxes

The high-end planetary gearboxes from Framo Morat include the GSD range (flange gear), GSB (inline) and GSBL (angle gear). All three are equipped with precision ground helical gearing, single-piece planetary carriers and full needle bearings. With a one-piece robust housing these gearboxes improve the gear rigidity and enable the absorption of higher loads. The sun pinions are fitted with an additional bearing system in order to ensure a quieter operating behaviour. The 2-stage versions are constructed in a space-optimised design. Due to the lower torque values, the input stage is dimensionally smaller than the output stage.

  • Backlash level up to 1 arcmin
  • High torsion levels possible through one-part housing, helical gearing and full needle bearings
  • Suitable for highest demands on positioning accuracy
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High End Economy Planetary Gearboxes

The high-end economy range of gearboxes from Framo Morat includes both GSN and GFE lines. They are equipped with ground, helical-cut precision components which ensure a low operating noise as well as very quiet operating characteristics and above-average torque absorption. Both have a full needle bearing which was specially designed for high torques. The planetary carriers are manufactured as a cage made from solid material. This increases the quiet operating characteristics and also improves the positioning accuracy and reduces backlash.

  • Nominal torque up to 1562 Nm
  • Maximum dust and splash water protection (IP65)
  • Suitable for highest demands on operating noises running smoothness
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Custom Planetary Gearboxes

Framo Morat has been working for decades when it comes to designing and developing individual drive solutions.  Their custom drive solutions have set standards for numerous applications and sectors. Many innovative special systems with a planetary gear at their core have been created by Framo Morat, and are used for propulsion in automation technology, machine construction and the packaging industry. Get in touch to start developing your custom engineered planetary gearbox in accordance with your individual specifications.

  • Individual choice of material, Diameter, mounting, tooth width, etc. for each planetary stage
  • Perfect linkage at every interface
  • Integration of the drive in your complete system, taking into account mechanics, electronics and control technology
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