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Conveyor Bearings

Greenlign Bearings – Plastic Bearing Housings

R.A. Rodriguez are market leaders in the field of plastic bearing housings, having pioneered their introduction in response to demand from the food processing industry many years ago.

The design of the Greenlign plastic bearing housings incorporates smooth surfaces and rounded corners, they have no coating to scratch or chip, they are easily cleaned and will not corrode or promote the growth of micro-organisms.  This makes these bearing units considerably more hygienic than conventional cast iron housings where rough surfaces can harbour germs.

R.A. Rodriguez has extensive experience in supplying these bearings to industries where cleanliness is essential, including the pharmaceutical, canning, bottling, chemical and food manufacturing industry. The precision moulded plastic housings are made to close tolerance from high grade glass-fibre-filled thermoplastic material. The housings are robust, wear and shock resistant and withstand most alkaline, low acid (pH 4-9) and salt solutions. 

Food industry stainless steel housing Greenlign Plastic bearing housings are non-corrodible bearing units for machinery in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. What bearings are used in conveyors. Contact us for conveyor roller manufacturers and conveyor rollers UK. For questions such as how often do bearings need to be replaced? What is a bearing and its types? What is one of the first signs of bearing failure? Contact us and we can advise