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Compact Geared Motors

Framo Morat Compacta Slip-On Geared Motors

The Framo Morat Compacta Slip-On Worm Geared Motors are complete electromechanical drives which provide high performance in a compact and lightweight design. The compact design is achieved through a spur and worm gear transmission combined with performance-optimised motors.

Compacta motors are also 60 to 70 percent lighter in weight than standard geared motors.

The Compacta series slip-on geared motors with integrated limit switches are perfect for reversing operations and are particularly suitable for applications where space is limited.

The straightforward design enables quick and easy adjustment, and guarantees safe operation, both forwards and backwards.

Numerous types of motors can be fitted, including 3 phase, single phase AC and 24 V DC, with unit output speeds ranging from 0.9 to 193 rpm and output torques from 6 to 600 Nm. Additional features, such as IP65 rating, ATEX 95 explosion proof, brake, fan, encoder and potentiometer, are available.

In addition to our complete range of catalogue products, we also design and implement customer-specific drive solutions.

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