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Grob TowerChain automated drive technology


The Grob TowerChain, which is now available from R. A. Rodriguez (UK) Limited, goes the extra mile in terms of both load and unguided stroke length. Able to lift 60kN to heights beyond 4000mm, potential users will also find that the Grob TowerChain is even lighter (24kg per m) and more slender than its existing sister product: the Grob LinearChain.

An important ambition of the TowerChain’s development was achieving greater stability over a longer distance. The chain links consist of U-profile-like angles that interlock with one another, resulting in two effects that provide a positive influence on stability. Firstly, the geometry creates a much higher contact area between the chain links, while the additional interlacing of the links leads to an increase in buckling resistance. Both of these attributes are beneficial in demanding drive system applications.

Put simply, innovative optimisation of the chain design makes it possible to achieve a higher force density in a smaller installation space. Less weight and smaller geometry of the individual chain links not only allow higher strokes with moderately increasing torque, but also make applications possible where there is insufficient space for the wider LinearChain.

The Grob TowerChain is rated for use at up to 15 cycles per hour, at lifting speeds up to 250mm/s. Applications include table and platform lifts, which will benefit from the space-saving and easy positioning characteristics of the product.

Further applications include lifting columns that transport loads between building floors. TowerChain will ensure that the lifting column can position large loads accurately within confined spaces. The many technical advantages of Grob TowerChain technology from R. A. Rodriguez (UK) Limited will benefit a wide range of industries but specifically automotive, horticultural and theatre engineering.

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