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Standard Planetary Gears for Tough Applications

Two new series of planetary gears have been added to the standard Framo Morat range from R. A. Rodriguez. Respectively, they meet the needs of applications requiring the precision positioning of heavy loads and for operation in challenging environments.

Every component in the PS series has been designed for stiffness and stability, giving the gears outstanding strength and resistance to overload. Precision ground tooth flanks minimise friction loss to ensure the gears run quietly at up to 97% efficiency. This design feature also achieves exceptionally low backlash of <20 arcmin, even for multi-level transmission.

These high tensile, durable gears have a compact design that keeps weight to a minimum while supplying high performance. They are lubricated for life and can be installed in a single housing, achieving 24 different transmission ratios in one- to three-stage construction. The sealed housing allows the gear to operate anywhere and it can be freely combined with all standard types of electric motors.

Special flanges and drive shafts, specifically designed for use with planetary gears, are also available from R. A. Rodriguez. As a result, the PS Series can be used in many different applications. Typical examples are adjustment and positioning of large, heavy solar panels; for precise alignment of carriages and machining tables with integrated drives and for the actuation of sun blind systems in building technology.

The PS Series planetary gears are supplied in standard housings with diameters of 40, 60 and 80mm for nominal output torques of between 14 and 93Nm. Each has a triple emergency stop overload torque.

Extreme forces

The PL Series of planetary gears is particularly suited to handling extremely high axial and radial forces and changing torsional moments. Despite their compact, space-saving design, bearings and drive shafts have all been generously sized to cope with these challenges. High-performance, torsionally stiff materials used for the gear teeth allow exceptionally high torques to be transferred and minimal backlash enables the gears to be used in drive systems where maximum positional accuracy is essential.

The robust PL Series gears are available in a single-stage design with five different transmission ratios and in a two-stage design with up to nine ratios. Variants with 50, 70, 90, 120 and 155mm housing diameters can transfer between 7 and 340Nm nominal torque. They can withstand torques of up to three times overload without sustaining damage and are lubricated for life with grease.

The stable construction of the PL Series from R. A. Rodriguez, specially designed to withstand extreme forces, makes these gears the ideal choice for use in industrial robots, construction machinery and commercial vehicles. They operate equally well as high performance drive elements in any application where large transmission ratios are needed in the smallest of installation spaces.

Framo Morat is a leading supplier of gears in Europe whose continued investment in production technology also allows it to cost-effectively manufacture small production runs in a short lead time. Special requirements are also easily accommodated. Drive experts at R. A. Rodriguez and Framo Morat can design custom components for these planetary gears on request, such as creating special add-on flanges.

Gears can also be manufactured from alternative materials to suit the application, plastic for example, or designed to be completely resistant to corrosion.

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